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Duress Falcon

Duress™ Falcon.

The right amount of everything.

Live streaming video. Real-time location. Discrete activation. Fall detection. Periodic check-ins. Incredible battery life. Internal alerts to your team, and external alerts to our A1 Graded 24/7 monitoring centre. Duress Falcon will transform your team’s safety and well-being, and it can be deployed in less than an hour. It’s all easier than you think.

Small Screen. Big Features.

Duress Falcon is designed to be simple and discrete to use.

There are no menus, logins or places to get lost.

You can check in, alert your team, declare an emergency, set a timer, respond to an Are you OK? and answer a call; all from the one screen

Automated Safety.

Duress Falcon has automated features that keep your staff safe without them having to do anything.

Are you OK?

You can schedule automatic check-ins for your team, which not only keeps your staff safe, it makes them feel safer as well.

Duress Falcon also features automatic escalation following a missed check-in, notifying your nominated people in real time if anything is wrong.

Fall Detection.

Duress Falcon is constantly looking for a slip, trip or fall. Once detected, it will look for no movement, and then ask the user if they are OK.

If there is no response, Duress Falcon will begin a countdown before notifying your nominated people.

Safety Timer.

You can set a Safety Timer to check in on you directly from the watch face. Simply drag the icon to set a timer, and tap cancel if you wish to stop the timer.

Requesting Assistance.

Send an alert to your team, or declare an emergency to the Duress 24/7 Operations Centre.

Team Alerts.

If you need assistance, tap the screen twice. This sends a request for assistance to your nominated contacts, which can be your team managers, or your entire team, or both. The alert includes your location, and receivers can respond if they are are able to assist.


If you are in an emergency and you are unable to call 000, tap the screen three times. Duress Falcon will begin streaming live video, audio and location to your nominated contacts, and the Duress 24/7 Operations Centre.

Based on the live video and audio, Duress Operators will triage the activation and either request emergency services or call you to confirm you are safe.

Call Falcon.

Duress Falcon runs on our 3G/4G network, and not only can Duress Operators and emergency services call the Duress Falcon, you can as well. If you need to get in touch with a team member, you now have a way of calling them directly on their wrist.