24/7 Monitored Protection at your Fingertips

Utilising cutting-edge technology already built into your staff’s smartphones.

The Duress safety app is the only lone worker safety solution that streams live emergency video, audio & location, this ensures our 24/7 monitoring team precisely sees & hears exactly what is happening in order to dispatch the most appropriate type of emergency service straight to your staff members’ location. The Duress safety app is fully-equipped with quick-trigger duress buttons, protective monitoring alerts, and check-in timers to give your staff members the confidence that they are protected whether working alone or traveling to remote areas.


Duress & SOS Buttons

Intuitive and ultra-fast duress buttons to instantly request help.

   Slide Bar

The slide bar ensures accurate user intent when triggering an emergency, preventing accidental or false alarms.

 Phone Shake

An emergency can be quickly be triggered by using accelerometers in a users smartphone that detects forceful shaking while in the app.

 Device Widgets

Device widgets allows staff members to easily trigger an emergency and request help right from their lock-screen or home-screen. (iOS & Android)

Monitoring Alerts & Check-in Timer

Protective monitoring alerts & check-in timer.

If staff members don’t feel safe while meeting with clients alone, traveling to remote locations or working in dangerous areas they can easily set check-in timers as well as activate protective monitoring to alert & prime the app for emergency standby so that if an accident occurs, they know help is on the way.

   Check-in / Welfare Timer

Staff members can select time lengths to be established in real-time while on the job. If a staff member fails to cancel or extend their session, an emergency is declared, Police requested (if necessary) & staff admins are notified via SMS.


 Touch Tracking

If a member feels unsafe, they can press & hold their screen to put the Duress safety app in emergency standby. If an emergency escalates, they simply release their screen to activate.

 Earphone Tracking

Just like holding your screen, headphone tracking enables emergency standby – and triggers an emergency when earphones are disconnected.

Mobile App Extended Features

Get the Duress Safety App benefits

Emergency video, audio & GPS location streaming

Video & GPS location streamed live to our 24/7 monitoring team, your nominated admins and emergency services (if requested).

Staff monitoring for emergency standby

Declare an emergency with disctriggers designed to discretely request assistance.

Comprehensive staff member profile information

Fully comprehensive member profile information including picture ID & emergency contacts.

Audible siren alarms

Activate a loud siren during an emergency to draw attention to yourself and any bystanders.

User PIN Access

PIN’s authenticate whether or not the user is canceling the emergency which alerts our Operations Centre to cancel the Police request.

Check-in timer with reminders

Practice triggering emergencies without notifying our Operations Centre and test mobile app functions step-by-step.


Duress Watch

Duress Watch24/7 Monitoring the Duress Watch 

Admin Dashboard

Manage users, review incidents