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Myionu™ Live Traffic


Myionu [] Meaning: To locate, track or find with the aid of GPS

Myionu™ Google  live traffic flow

Availability of real-time traffic

Live traffic data is available in major cities in the United States, France, Britain, Australia, and Canada, with new cities and countries frequently added.  To see if live traffic is available in your area, hover your mouse over the square widget on the top right-hand corner of the map.  A menu with available layers for your map will appear.  Click on Traffic to turn on the layer and view real-time traffic conditions.

Traffic conditions are shown based on data availability.  If we don’t have enough data to calculate accurate traffic speeds for a road, then we won’t show traffic conditions for that road.  This is the reason why you may see more live traffic results at certain times of the day.

Live Traffic View

Live Traffic View


Traffic colUor descriptions

If available in your area, real-time traffic conditions will be displayed over the road as colour-coded lines.  The colours indicate the speed of traffic on the road compared to free-flowing conditions. For highways, the colours roughly equate to:

  • Green: more than 50 miles per hour or 80 kilometers per hour
  • Yellow: 25 – 50 miles per hour or 40 – 80 kilometers per hour
  • Red: less than 25 miles per hour or 40 kilometers per hour
  • Red/Black: very slow, stop-and-go traffic
  • Grey: no data currently available

These speeds don’t apply to traffic on smaller roads, such as those within cities, which have lower speed limits.  For roads smaller than highways, the colours give an indication of the severity of the traffic. Green means that traffic conditions are good, yellow means fair, and red or red/black means poor traffic conditions.

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