Myionu™ is a revolutionary GPS tracking platform which has been designed to integrate with almost any GPS Tracking device, on any network, anywhere in the world. In simple terms, if a device can be tracked, the chances are we can deliver location data to the Myionu™ platform.

The Myionu™ vehicle tracking range include the outstanding Myionu for Vehicles™ which is compatible with 12v- 24v vehicles. Myionu™ has been designed to be modular allowing for easy interation with a range of quality modules including: CANbus (which delivers an extremely high level of vehicle telemetry data), Temperature sensors, driver ID, fuel level monitoring and consumption and more. The Myionu™ For Vehicles Lite which is a easy to use real-time tracking device delivering location, speed and more is ideal for those only needing a basic but reliable system.

Smart Thinking

Myionu™ vehicle tracking range reports it’s location when it senses motion. We have a range of location update packages including each time the vehicle changes direction. Keeping track of stationary vehicles is made even easier with the ability to generate alerts should the vehicle remain in the same location too long. Adding Geofences is easy via the Myionu™ web based portal, raising alerts should any registered vehicle enter or exit these areas. Although the Myionu™ vehicle tracking range comes complete with a line power , they also have thier own on-board battery which can provide up to 400 hours statandby time. In the event of low power, the Myionu™ vehicle tracking range all have the ability to generate an alert should the battery level fall below a user-definable level. The alert details time and location.

Inteligent Reporting

Myionu™ vehicle tracking range delivers powerful managment reporting, (including how much time each asset has spent at a individual location over a given period) which makes invoicing quick and easy. Our reporting suite will provide a wide range of reports which details each and every location update including date, time, heading and speed. For more information of the range reports take a look at our reporting section.

Custom Mapping

In addition to the Google map feed, Myionu™ has the ability to overlay a customer’s own mapping images in the form of a KML file.