Having up to date information as to where your inventory is located (and its activity), will help increase both efficiency and productivity of most rental companies. With Myionu™ GPS plant tracking system monitoring and maintaining plant use and location is easy.

Manage Losses

Imagine knowing the exact location of every single asset in your fleet in real-time. Using Myionu™ GPS Tracking, the real-time location of every single vehicle, asset or plant equipment is available at your fingertips. Detailed information, including full street address and last location is provided in an easy to view map display.

Inactive Containers

An inactive asset is not making money. Our state of the art reporting system can be set up to provide an alert in the event that a asset has remained in the same place too long.

Unauthorised Movements

Using our geofence system, assets can be locked down to a location. In the event that a asset leaves the pre-definded area, an alert will be raised.

Dry hire days

Because Myionu™ GPS plant tracking systems provide real-time data, it is not only possible to see when an asset is used, the exact time, date and location is also provided. A detailed record of the total number of hours used is also available at your fingertips.

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