BLE Asset Tracking

Indoor and OutDoor Tracking

Benefit from total inventory management using Bluetooth real-time location.

Simply Sensors combines LoRaWAN Solar-Powered BLE gateways with a private LoRaWAN network to deliver real-time location information to almost any size asset from a set of keys upwards.

Our software gives customers the ability to use standard Google Earth images, upload their images, or even add floor plans to display assets’ real-time location.


What is LoRaWAN

LoRaWAN is a Long Range Wide Area Network and connects a range of low-powered devices over a long range. Depending on the Gateway, distance can be a few hundred meters to several kilometres.

The Gateway plugs into your internet router to provide a private network. Our BLE asset tracking system is just one of many systems and devices you’re able to connect.

As an example, panic buttons, temperature sensors and leak detection sensors are just some of the hundreds of devices available.

Because there is no need for a SIM Card, there are no data costs.  

Our platform is incredibly cost-effective, providing device information from only $2 per month with no data cost!

Track Assets in real-time on a floor plan.

Our software allows users to upload as many images or floor plans that are required. BLE Gateways can be “dragged on dropped” to provide location information. As a BLE Tag comes into range,  the Gateways sends the Data to our secure servers.  Location data displayed on a map as well as a table on both our desktop and App platforms

Locate BLE Tags from Meters to Kilometers Away.

Because the backbone of our BLE Asset tracking system uses a private LoRaWAN network, we can obtain far great coverage than using Wi-Fi.

A USB  power supply provides power to our internal BLE Gateways. For outdoor locations, it may not be possible to have access to a power source. In these cases, our Solar powered BLE Gateway provides an entirely wireless outdoor solution. Our Solar powered gateway has a 5300mAh rechargeable battery providing constant power