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Loner Bridge

Loner Bridge is a base station that communicates with multiple worker-worn Loner 900/ G7X  safety operates through a 900 MHz radio link. Providing dual-mode satellite and cellular backhaul communications to Blackline infrastructure, Loner Bridge automatically and seamlessly use its satellite network when outside of cellular coverage. Self powered and portable, users are able to quickly move Loner Bridge from one vehicle to another, such as from an all-terrain vehicle to a work truck.

Unlike many competitive solutions, Loner 900/ G7X coupled with Loner Bridge operates inside buildings when using cellular or satellite communication.


Loner 900 or G7X Series System goes where no other safety monitoring technology has gone before. Loner 900/ G7X Series is a person-worn device that transmits user safety information to the highly portable Loner Bridge device using 900MHz transmission. Loner Bridge transmits all data to Blackline’s monitoring infrastructure via cellular data or satellite data up-link (when located outside of cell coverage) and also provides real-time vehicle tracking if mounted on a vehicle. Each Loner Bridge can operate with up to 5 Loner 900/ G7X devices simultaneously.

Iridium / GSM wireless gateway


Bridge Price

ItemPrice Inc GST
Blackline Bridge$1599
Satellite Data Uplink Annual Service Fee$1015


900 MHz Radio linkConnects to Loner 900 devices to provide communications; Range General Use: up to 2 km; Range Hilltop to Hilltop: 10+ km; Terrain, foliage, and buildings will affect overall 900 MHz radio link range
Satellite Data UplinkConnects to Iridium Low Earth orbit satellites to transmit safety and location data even when outside of cellular coverage
GPS & Cellular TechnologyReal-time and scheduled GPS tracking; Ultimate Sense® 2 optimized GPS antenna; Store & Forward: buffers data when out of coverage and forwards when back within coverage


Size & Weight [W x L x D]Size: 73 mm x 107 mm x 141 mm (2.87 in x 4.213 in x 5.55 in) Measurements do not include mount; Weight: 540 g (19.04 oz)
Buttons & Indicator LightsPower button: Power on/off; Red indicator light array plus vibration and buzzer: Safety alert; Green indicator light: Blinking (powered), continuous (connected); LCD Screen: Display menu, battery status, backhaul link status; Menu navigation buttons: Up, Down, Accept (OK)
User NotificationIndicators: Acoustic buzzer, indicator lights; Acoustic buzzer sound pressure level: ~90 dB @ 10 cm (~90 dB @ 3.94 in); LCD screen: Display notifications/messages from backend
Wireless CommunicationRadios: Quad-band GSM/GPRS (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz); Iridium Satellite (1621 MHz); ISM band radio (915 MHz); 900 MHz Radio: 902.0 – 928.0 MHz, 1 Watt; Region: Compliant for use in Region 2 only (Americas, Greenland, Eastern Pacific Islands); Antenna: Internal quad-band; Patch; Printed bi-directional communication
Location TechnologyGPS Radio: 48 channel high sensitivity; GPS Accuracy: ~5 m (16 ft) outdoors, ~50 m (165 ft) indoors; Real-time location turnaround time: ~20 sec
Radio Link 900 MHz RangesGeneral use: Up to 2 km; Hilltop to hilltop: 10+ km; Terrain, foliage, and buildings will affect overall 900 MHz radio link range
Alert MessagesEmergency/Low battery/Power off/Text messages (SMS)
Mobile Messaging MethodsEmail, Text message (SMS)
Power & BatteryRechargeable Li-ion battery: 6000 mAh capacity; Battery life: 20° C (68° F): 72 hours; -20° C (-4° F): 48 hours; Charging connector: Micro USB
EnvironmentalStorage temperature: -50° C to 75° C (-58° F to 167° F); Operating temperature: -40° C to 55° C (-40° F to 131° F); Charging temperature: -20° C to 45° C (-4° F to 113° F); Ingress Protection: Designed to meet IP65.
Regulatory ComplianceFCC, IC EU limits, RoHS, SAR; Contains: FCC ID: QIPBGS2, 0639602, IC 7830A-BGS2, 4629A-9602
Device RequirementsActivated service plan; Satellite communications require line-of-sight to satellites; TGPS for locating; Safety monitoring requires active 900 MHz and satellite or cellular connection
WarrantyOne year limited factory warranty
Loner Portal Web AppFeatures Include: Alarm banner; event history; device location mapping; device man­agement; alert & notification settings and more
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