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Loner FDU – Fall Detection Unit Buy $228.80 Rent From $11.44 per month


Loner FDU – Fall Detection Unit Buy $228.80 Rent From $11.44 per month

Smartphone safety monitoring enhancement

All safety monitoring apps have the requirement of keeping the smartphone within arm’s reach, unlocking the device, opening the app and triggering an alert to request help manually. Loner Duo enhances the capability of Loner Mobile by providing the user with a physical emergency latch to instantly request help. Loner Duo wirelessly
triggers a safety alert via Loner Mobile communications—even if the smartphone is not within hand’s reach.

  • Bluetooth® wireless communication
  • Loner Duo pairs with a smartphone running Loner Mobile
  • „„ Emergency latch for quick call for help
  • „„ Silent emergency button for duress situations
  • „„ Automatically detects a no-motion (person-down) incident
  • „„ Remotely configurable via Loner Portal

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loner duo lone worker safety

*Must be used with Loner Mobile

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Loner Mobile

Employee Safety Monitoring App

With the Loner® Mobile app for smartphones, your handheld Blackberry or iPhone becomes a convenient Blackline-powered employee safety monitoring device. Using your smartphone data connection and internal location technology, Loner Mobile conveys the safety status of employees to monitoring personnel, similar to Blackline’s dedicated safety monitoring solutions, Loner® SMD and Loner® IS. Available to enhance the capability of Loner Mobile is Blackline’s Loner FDU accessory that provides employees with safety monitoring component with which to interact. Including True Fall Detection®, activity monitoring, an Emergency Latch, and Silent Emergency button, Loner FDU achieves a more comprehensive safety monitoring solution.









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