Using the very latest GPS tracking technology, it is now possible to locate Alzheimers and dementia patients from any PC or Smart Phone. Myionu™ for safety can raise a wide range of alerts including duress or when the patient enters or leaves a predefined area (i.e. home, friends or family).

Myionu™ for safety provides complete peace of mind. When it comes to looking after your loved ones, Myionu™ for safety is the ideal solution. Compact and lightweight, Myionu™ for safety provides real-time location data at regular intervals. In addition, alerts can be raised in the event of a duress, with detailed location and mapping available through the Myionu™ web portal; visual, audible and e-mail alerts can also be generated.

Real peace of mind

More and more Alzheimers and dementia patient carers are turning to GPS Tracking technology to provide both real-time visibility of their loved ones and as a duress system.

The Myionu™ for safety provides real-time tracking and duress. The small battery powered device plots the location when in motion at either 3 or 1 minute intervals. Myionu™ for safety comes with a silent duress button which, when activated will generate an audio-visual alert on the PC along with a fully automated email alert that can be sent to an unlimited number of email recipients.

Get an email when they leave home.

Myionu™ has the ability to add boundaries around key areas such as home, friends or family. When the device updates its location whilst in the boundary, an automated alert (including email), can be generated

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