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Myionu™ is a revolutionary tracking platform which has been designed to integrate with almost any GPS Tracking device, on any network, anywhere in the world. In simple terms, if a device can be tracked, the chances are we can deliver location data to the Myionu™ platform.

Myionu™  uses the very latest in mapping technology to deliver outstanding results every time.  Our mapping is powered by Google with some very clever, advanced features which produce an unrivalled user experience.

Individual devices or groups of devices can be viewed on one easy to use mapping and reporting system. With Myionu™ it is possible to track multiple devicess in real-time.


  • Road view
  • Satellite view
  • Hybrid view
  • Street view
  • Geofences
  • Live traffic view
  • Unique POI (point of interest)
  • Show nearest device

Web Based Portal Overview for Desktop, laptop and tablets


Web Based Portal Overview for Smartphones

With Myionu there is no need to download any application. We have a specific Smartphone login that works on any mobile device with internet access. The Myionu Smartphne Viewer is a lite version of our desktop portal and provides a simplified view of device activity.