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Myionu Road Surface Detection


Myionu Road Surface Detection


Myionu [] Meaning: To locate, track or find with the aid of GPS

The Myionu road surface detectors measure  the vibration experienced by a vehicle as a result of different road surfaces and road conditions and trigger an output when the road surface deteriorates to a preset level. This raise an alert back at head office using the Myionu web based interface. Alerts can also be configured to trigger in the event the 4 WD has not been engaged.

Myionu road surface detectors measure vibration using highly sensitive accelerometers. Vibration is measured in three dimensions (left/right, forward/back and up/down), so that the sensor can be mounted in any physical orientation to the vehicle and work equally well. An overall vibration as experienced by the vehicle is calculated and used to determine the condition of the road surface every 4 seconds. Complex signal processing techniques remove accelerations due to speed increases, braking and cornering.

A screw adjustable set point allows for a threshold to be set between 0 and 0.5G. When average vibration as measured over a 4 second period exceeds the set point, an output is triggered. The output is used to trigger an input on the Myionu system.

A record of when and where instances occurred is kept.  Alerts can be configured to raise an high level audio-visual alert under a range of scenarios. For example: High level alert raised when off road driving is detected and the 4WD is NOT engaged.

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