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Loner Mobile App

Loner Mobile
Employee Safety Monitoring App

With the Loner® Mobile app for smartphones, your handheld Blackberry, Andriod or iPhone becomes a convenient Blackline-powered employee safety monitoring device. Using your smartphone data connection and internal location technology, Loner Mobile conveys the safety status of employees to monitoring personnel, similar to Blackline’s dedicated safety monitoring solutions, Loner® SMD and Loner® IS.

Available to enhance the capability of Loner Mobile is Blackline’s Loner FDU accessory that provides employees with safety monitoring component with which to interact. Including True Fall Detection®, activity monitoring, an Emergency Latch, and Silent Emergency button, Loner FDU achieves a more comprehensive safety monitoring solution.


Safety Alert TypesEmergency hot-key, Missed Check-in alerting, Loner FDU supplements Loner Mobile with additional Safety Alerts.
GPS & Cellular TechnologyReal-time GPS tracking
Instant Safety AlertingCommunicates Safety Alerts to Blackline Background Services; Safety Alerts communicated to monitoring personnel via email and SMS; Loner® Portal displays all alerts, contact info, location data and statuses.
Mobile-friendly Web SiteLoner Portal available on web and mobile.
Fall Detection Accessory Loner FDU (Optional)Enhances Loner Mobile with Blackline’s True Fall Technology®, No Motion (man-down) alerts, Emergency Latch and Silent Alerting; Loner Mobile operation is enhanced by providing the user with a compact, tactile device to operate; Pairs with Loner Mobile using Bluetooth communication.


Smartphone CompatibilityiPhone iOS 5.x and 6.x; BlackBerry OS 4.2.1+ (most smart phone models); Windows Mobile Professional OS 6.x.
Operating ModesiPhone; BlackBerry; Windows Mobil
Safety FeaturesEmergency button: Press & hold (1 sec) to trigger alert; Worker check-in (optional): Required check-in period (5 – 180 min).
Hot keysUser configurable check-in hot key; User check-in via removal from holster on BlackBerry; User configurable emergency hot key
Worker Check-in Timer ResetDelays next check-in request; BlackBerry: Phone activity resets check-in timer; Windows Mobile: Phone activity and keystrokes resets check-in timer.
User Notification MethodsCustomizable ringtones with/without vibration
Assisted GPSAccuracy: ~5 m (16 ft) outdoors; ~50 m (165 ft) indoors.
Mobile Messaging MethodsEmail; Text message (SMS)
Alert MessagesEmergency key-press, Missed Check-in, Low smart phone battery, On-network (power on & return to coverage), Off-network (power off & out of coverage timeout).
GPS Location PublisherPeriodic automatic location reporting: 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, 30, and 60 minutes.
Device RequirementsBlackline GPS activated service plan; GSM/GPRS wireless communication coverage; GPS signal coverage required for GPS locating.
Mapping ServicesBlackBerry Maps, Google Maps
Wireless Coverage & Activated Service PlansWireless coverage: Depends on carrier; Map coverage: Depends on BlackBerry Maps/Google Maps; Contact Blackline for activated service plan options.
Loner Portal Web AppFeatures include: Alarm banner, event history, device location mapping, device management, alert & notification settings.
Wireless Coverage & Activated Service PlansUses your smartphone’s existing data plan.

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Employee Safety Monitoring Accessory

Loner® FDU is an accessory to use with the smartphone application Loner Mobile. Designed to enhance overall employee safety monitoring capability. With Bluetooth® wireless communication and by pairing the Loner FDU with a smartphone running the Loner Mobile app, Loner FDU supports Loner Mobile with features including an Emergency Latch, True Fall Detection®, No-Motion (man-down) Alert, Silent Emergency (duress) Alert, and Missed Check-in Alerting for added protection.

Service Fees

Service Plan Annual Service Plan Inc GST
Silver $217.80
Gold $363.00







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