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Daily Events

This report shows a timeline of the events registered by the device in the selected period of time


  • Event timeline
  • Live report
  • Schedule email report
  • Monitor excessive RPM
  • Monitor excessive speed
  • Driving time

Export reports in a range of formats

export gps tracking files

Daily Events

Daily Events


  1. Aggressive acceleration – %  of use of acceleration.
    Aggressive sudden braking  – % of use of the brakes.
    Area – Event of arrival and departure of an area.
    Excess RPM.
    Excess time at slow speed.
    Generated alert.
    Excess speed.
    Ignition key.
  2. Time of the beginning or creation of the event.
  3. Name of the event.
  4. Initial address.
  5. Address of the final event.
  6. Time at the end of the event.
  7. Duration of the event.


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