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Daily Activity

This shows a detail of the activity of the device in a selected period of time.


  • Timeline of the vehicle’s activity.
  • Start time.
  • End time.
  • Odometer reading at the end.
  • Distance run.
  • Consumption.
  • Speed: Number of times it has been exceeded.
    Time the exceeded speed lasted.
    Maximum speed.
  • RPM
    Number of times the RPM has been exceeded.
    Time that the excess RPM lasted.
    Maximum RPM.
  • Aggressive sudden braking
    Time that the limit of use of the brakes has been exceeded.
    Maximum percentage of use of the brakes.
  • Aggressive acceleration
    Number of times that the acceleration has been exceeded.
    Maximum percentage of acceleration.

Export reports in a range of formats.

export gps tracking files

Daily Activity

Daily Activity


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