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GPs Tracking Demonstration

Myionu [] Meaning: To locate, track or find with the aid of GPS


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RPM Histogram

This shows a report where we can relate the RPM with the speed of the vehicle Export reports in a range of formats.   Summary of the device. Summary of the journey. Differences between instances of consumption and engine hours (based on the internal meter of the vehicle). Comparative graph of RPM (left) and speed […]

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Engine Performance

Displays in graphical format details of engine performance reported by a device over a defined period of time  – Subject to device performance features  This report analyses the efficiency of the engine, showing a comparison chart between RPM/speed, RPM/temperature and RPM/acceleration. It also displays a list of trips. Search Option By Device By Date Export reports in a range of formats.   1. Device summary. 2. […]

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Fuel Performance

CANBus is a protocol of communication connected to the telemetry of the vehicle. From a CanBus unit, we can get information from the odometer, fuel consumed, level of the fuel tank, RPM, speed, % of the use of brakes, or the accelerator and to generate advanced reports Export reports in a range of formats.   […]

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Fuel Consumption

Displays in graphical format the estimated fuel consumption of the vehicle based upon the reported distance travelled over a defined period of time. Search Option By Device By Date Features Monitor fuel use Fuel used per trip Exceed fuel consumption alerts Reduce costs Fuel management Export reports in a range of formats.  

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Speed Control Report

Speed control report provides details of all speeding events over a limited speed. Manage staff who speed , improve safety and reduce risk using this report. Ideal for business that use speed restriction devices. Features Control Speed Set own speed limit Generate exception report Generate exception alert Monitor driver behaviour Export reports in a range […]

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Stop Report

Details number and duration of stops of a given vehicle between dates. Search Option By Vehicle By Date Variable Parameters Additional Stop Times Features Monitor stop time Raise alert when exceeded stop time Scheduled email reporting Live reporting   Export reports in a range of formats.  

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Area Report

Displays a list of each area (detailing the devices and people who have sent positions within the area) along with entry  and exit date and duration of stay. Key Features Produce single report of site activity Assist with billing Export to wide range of formats Email report Schedule reports daily, weekly or specific dates/time   […]

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Logbook – Private/Business Usage

Provides a break down of business and private mileage based on working hours.  No driver involvement required – No Tamper ! Features Time based logbook Business/private use Scheduled report On demand report Export reports in a range of formats      

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Activity Report

Generates a timeline graph where you are able to view the activity of selected vehicles in the selected time period (day, week or month). Key Features Timeline of the vehicle’s activity. Start time. End time. Odometer reading at the end. Distance run. Number of times it has been exceeded. Time the exceeded speed lasted. Maximum […]

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Detailed Activity

This displays the details of a single device (or person) over a defined time period. Displays a list of all positions sent by the device (ordered by creation date). Position time. Overall distance. Overall time. Idle time. Overall consumption. Location. Device status. Additional info. Export reports in a range of formats.    

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Journey Total

[date] Myionu [] Meaning: To locate, track or find with the aid of GPS Total Journey Report Displays distance travelled, driver/stopping time and speed data from single device, group of devices or all devices Search Device Date/Time Features Trip start location Trip end location Trip journey time Fuel used Stop time Start odometer End odometer […]

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Summary Activity

[date] Myionu [] Meaning: To locate, track or find with the aid of GPS Summary Activity Report Displays a summary of activity reported by a single device between dates Search Options Device Driver Date/Time Export reports in a range of formats. Information includes a map representation, along with detailed location updates as shown below. Report details […]

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GSM Vehicle Tracking System

Myionu for Vehicles is a real-time GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management system. Keep track of your cars, trucks, and assets with this cost effective solution designed for the budget conscious user. As with all Myionu vehicle tracking product it comes with a no quibble lifetime warranty which means that your have total peace of mind for […]

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GPS tracking can help increase your bottom line

Investing in a Myionu™ GPS Tracking system will possibly be the best investment your business will ever make. When investing in any technology designed to help your business work smarter – not only does it have to pay for itself, it needs to become a source of additional income to make a positive outcome to the bottom line. There […]

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reduce your fuel costs with our GPS fleet management system

Tracking vehicles with a Myionu™ vehicle tracking system can greatly assist in reducing your fuel costs. S avings come from a number of key areas including: Monitoring of excessive idling Speeding Reduced personal use Efficient route planning Managing these factors can typically save between 3% – 8% Example Use our interactive fuel savings calculator to estimate […]

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Increase productivity with our GPS fleet management system

Tracking vehicles with a Myionu™ vehicle tracking system can greatly assist in increasing the productivity and efficiency of your business in these key areas: More time – increased jobs Knowing the whereabouts of your mobile workforce means that it is possible to allocate jobs to your nearest driver.  You’ll have a clear, up to the minute view, of which jobs […]

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