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Myionu [] Meaning: To locate, track or find with the aid of GPS

Investing in a Myionu™ GPS Tracking system will possibly be the best investment your business will ever make.

When investing in any technology designed to help your business work smarter – not only does it have to pay for itself, it needs to become a source of additional income to make a positive outcome to the bottom line.

There are many Companies that claim their product will save your business money. The acid test is to see for yourself, using your figures to deliver a true reflection of saving.

Take some time to use our free evaluation tool to see if investing in our system is right for your business.

Using the evaluation tool.

Choosing the number of devices

Simply enter the total number for each device in the orange shaded area and you’re done!  The total cost  will appear automatically.

Tell us about your costs

Note: Only enter the following data in the orange highlighted area on the 24 month rental plan. This will also populate 36 month plan and outright purchase options.      

About your fuel cost and driver cost
Step 1: Enter the cost per Km to run and fuel your vehicle
Step:2: Enter the cost per hour of the driver

About your mileage
Step:3: Enter your estimated vehicle mileage
Step 4: Enter your estimated saving – typically this will be between 3 – 8%

About your Staff Costs
Step 5: Enter your hourly overtime rate per hour
Step 6: Enter the number of hours per driver claimed in overtime
Step 7: Enter your estimated saving in overtime claims

About your jobs
Step 8: Enter your average profit per job
Step 9: Enter your estimated number of additional jobs
The evaluation tool will automatically calculate the overall saving by installing a Myionu™ GPS Tracking System