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Lone Worker Indoor and Outdoor GPS Tracking with Man Down

Blackline Safety solutions incorporate the key components necessary for implementing an effective safety monitoring program within your organisation.

The broad product offerings and comprehensive services help you provide the best possible emergency response to workplace incidents—and can make the difference between short-term recovery, permanent disability and even fatalities.

The award-winning technology enables you to protect your lone workers, no matter where they may be working.


Whether your teams are working indoors at large warehouse facilities, outdoors in complex construction sites, in remote locations or while driving to and from work—Blackline has developed and manufactured the perfect emergency response solutions for your lone workers. From crewmembers and operators, to supervisors and engineers, Blackline provides safety response systems for numerous industries, regardless of location.



Manufacturing warehouses, correctional facilities, grain terminals, wastewater treatment and power plants can be some of the most dangerous places to work in the world—even taking your employees underground.

To get the job done, your teams work against the clock—often in noisy, fast-paced, high-risk and high-stress environments that require long hours where tasks often pull them out of sight and sound of others. These employees immediately become lone workers, isolated from their colleagues and risking their lives if an incident occurs.

indoor tracking

Some of the most dangerous working conditions for your employees are outdoors. When they’re out of sight and sound from others, they instantly become lone workers. Conducting operations at construction sites, pump stations, camps and high voltage electrical sites can be hazardous.

Your employees work with unpredictable elements that require an utmost attention to detail. Working in isolation is common across multiple industries, and when work duties call lone workers away from their colleagues, lives are at risk if a safety accident, injury or physical assault occurs.

outdoor gps lone worker tracking

Some of the most dangerous jobs in the world are commonly located in the remote reaches of the planet where your employees often work alone and fulfill their duties where satellite coverage is the only way to communicate.

Working in solitude, far from their teams in hard-to-reach locales, your lone workers are isolated and face many challenging elements on a daily basis. With high voltage materials, blast-hole drills, pump-jacks, water re-injection plants, contaminated water, toxic chemicals and gases—your teams risk their lives everyday.

satellite based lone worker safety

Operating large trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles for the transport of materials can be a dangerous job. Your lone workers put in long hours—often in high-risk environments that require an utmost attention to detail.

From crude oil haulers to big-rig truckers, lone drivers often travel for long periods of time on unpredictable terrain and risk fatigue or potentially falling asleep behind the wheel. This high-risk profession means your lone workers may be susceptible to accidents, injuries and health events.

protecting lone workers when driving

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Many different lone worker roles contribute to your organization’s operations, manufacturing, logistics, research and development programs. Each employee role and activity is unique, and you need a lone worker monitoring solution that accommodates—rather than imposes on—your business.


Yesterday, an oilfield operator was testing well production in an area accessible by cellular communications. Today, the same work alone operator is required to check a remote, abandoned well that is not within cellular communications and is not accessible by truck. How can your company respond if he needs help?

Blackline’s Loner Bridge System provides a universal solution that monitors lone workers anywhere using satellite positioning. Because it’s self-powered and portable, it can be moved from the employee’s truck to an ATV, enabling continuous monitoring to and from the shut-in well site.




An electrician is working alone at an electrical utility substation and is called outside to respond to a power line that has been brought down by inclement weather. How could your organization know if she requires immediate help?


Blackline’s Loner M6 provides real-time safety monitoring in the location where this electrician operates, enabling her to be found quickly, even if she’s working alone indoors. GPS provides precise positioning outdoors and Loner Beacons deliver seamless positioning when working indoors.

lone work safety using smartphones

A social worker is required to support clients throughout a large metropolitan area, which means a lot of driving and interaction with a broad demographic in many communities. How does your organization ensure this lone worker returns home at the end of the day?

Blackline’s Loner Mobile smartphone app and Loner Duo Bluetooth® accessory provide real-time safety monitoring. Should an incident arise, monitoring personnel are able to listen in on what’s happening through two-way voice communications.

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  • Our world-class detection technology offers a variety of benefits for your organization. Blackline products can:
  • Greatly improve your organization’s ability to respond to safety incidents at any moment
  • Improve the outcome of an employee who has suffered a workplace injury, health event or physical assault
  • Provide measurable ROI on your safety monitoring investment versus antiquated manual check-in procedures
  • Incorporate real-time communication that provides real-time monitoring in populated areas, rural locations and the most remote locations
  • Offer multiple location technologies to ensure your personnel can be found whether they are working indoors or outside
  • Help you manage an efficient emergency response to your employees’ precise locations



Our technology is state-of-the-art and offers a variety of customizable features, including:

Cellular and Satellite Communications
Provides universal options to monitor employee safety

GPS Positioning
For finding employees outdoors and in small buildings

Loner Beacon positioning
For finding employees indoors, within complex facilities

SureSafe™ Technology
For positive confirmation to the employee when his or her safety is being monitored

True Fall Detection®
Automatically triggers if the employee slips, trips or falls and needs help

No-Motion Detection
To automatically detect person-down incidents

Emergency Latch and Silent Emergency Latch

Visual and Audible Alarm
To help responders quickly locate the employee

Cloud-Hosted Loner Portal Safety Monitoring Platform
Which can be accessed from any Internet-connected computer

24/7/365 In-House Safety Operations Center
To respond to all

incidents in real-time


Cloud-hosted Safety Monitoring

All three scenarios are supported by Blackline’s Loner Portal web application and the availability of our in-house 24/7/365 Safety Operations Center. The configurability of our overall Loner solution family enables every location, employee role and application to be addressed in a consistent and manageable fashion.

complete lone worker Safety

Take a look at the Blackline product range 

lone worker safety rental options

More than a lease program

Our new Loner Complete three-year lease program provides everything required to deploy the most sophisticated safety monitoring system in the least amount of time and in the most affordable fashion.
Adopting lone worker safety technology has never been easier. With no upfront fees, Loner Complete delivers our Loner® monitoring technology as a service program with an affordable monthly fee.

As an operational lease, Loner Complete can be recorded as an operations expense, not touching capital purchase budgets. Starting at just $1.65 per day per employee, safety monitoring has never been so accessible.  [more]

  • Loner M6 Safety Device Buy $599 Rent From $25.95


    Loner M6 Intelligent Employee Safety Monitoring Safety monitoring device with 3G wireless and two- way voice calling Employees working alone face the risk of injury, health incidents and physical assault in the workplace. Blackline’s Loner® M6 continuously monitors the safety of lone workers and alerts monitoring personnel in real-time if the unexpected occurs. Respond in the fastest time possible—to your […]

  • Loner Beacon – In Building Location Beacon Buy $156.20 Rent from $7.92 per month


    Safety Monitoring Indoor Location Technology Enables precise indoor positioning throughout facilities and buildings Real-time employee safety monitoring continues to emerge as a new safety best practice. From a facility safety management perspective, indoor location technology has been the last remaining challenge facing true 360° degree employee safety monitoring— until now. Compatible with Blackline’s Loner safety monitoring devices, location beacons are compact, […]

  • Satellite GSM Loner Bridge Buy $1299 or Rent form $62.75 per month


    Loner Bridge is a base station that communicates with multiple worker-worn Loner 900 safety operates through a 900 MHz radio link. Providing dual-mode satellite and cellular backhaul communications to Blackline infrastructure, Loner Bridge automatically and seamlessly use its satellite network when outside of cellular coverage. Self powered and portable, users are able to quickly move Loner Bridge from one […]

  • Loner 900 Buy $659 Rent From $30.72 per month


    Monitor Employee Safety Anywhere Person-worn component of the Loner Bridge System  Until now, there has been no true safety monitoring solution for employees working in remote locations. Blackline Safety’s Loner Bridge System is the first comprehensive solution and consists of two parts—the Loner Bridge portable satellite base station and the Loner 900 employee-worn safety monitoring device. Certified intrinsically […]

  • Loner Annual Subscription


    Each Loner unit will require a service. The annual service package includes unlimited access and unlimited data  Key Features Loner Portal provides safety-monitoring personnel with a convenient no-install web interface for monitoring LonerGPS devices in the field. LonerPortal includes features for real-time tracking, viewing device activity, and mapping of retrieved locations. Instant safety alerting in […]

  • Loner Mobile App


    Loner Mobile Employee Safety Monitoring App With the Loner® Mobile app for smartphones, your handheld Blackberry, Andriod or iPhone becomes a convenient Blackline-powered employee safety monitoring device. Using your smartphone data connection and internal location technology, Loner Mobile conveys the safety status of employees to monitoring personnel, similar to Blackline’s dedicated safety monitoring solutions, Loner® […]

  • Loner FDU – Fall Detection Unit Buy $228.80 Rent From $11.44 per month


    Smartphone safety monitoring enhancement All safety monitoring apps have the requirement of keeping the smartphone within arm’s reach, unlocking the device, opening the app and triggering an alert to request help manually. Loner Duo enhances the capability of Loner Mobile by providing the user with a physical emergency latch to instantly request help. Loner Duo wirelessly triggers a safety […]

  • Loner Intrinsically Safe Loner Worker Buy $659 or Rent From $30.72 per month


    Loner M6i MONITOR EMPLOYEES IN HAZARDOUS LOCATIONS Intrinsically safe monitoring device with 3G wireless and two-way voice calling Employees working alone within hazardous environments face the risk of injury, health incidents and physical assault in the workplace. Blackline’s Loner® M6i is ATEX certified intrinsically safe and continuously monitors the safety of lone workers and alerts […]