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Myionu™ for safety

Myionu [] Meaning: To locate, track or find with the aid of GPS

Myionu For Safety $249 

Myionu™ for safety Using the very latest GPS tracking technology, it is now possible to locate loved ones from any PC or Smart Phone.  Myionu™ for safety can raise a wide range of alerts including duress or when the user enters or leaves a predefined area (such as school or home). Myionu™ for safety provides complete peace of mind.  When it comes to looking after your loved ones Myionu™ for safety is the ideal solution. Compact and lightweight, Myionu™ for safety provides real-time location data at regular intervals.  In addition, alerts can be raised in the event of a duress, with detailed location and mapping available through the Myionu™ web portal; visual, audible and e-mail alerts can be raised


  • Lifetime exchange warranty†
  • Compact form 68mm x 40mm x 21mm
  • Lightweight 60g
  • Duress Alerts
  • Exit safe area alert
  • Enter high risk area alert
  • Low power alert
  • Power on, power off alert
  • Water Resistant IPX5
  • Up to 400 hours stand by time

Free Upgrade

PLEASE NOTE: This device uses GSM to communicate data. Telstra has announced that they will be closing the GSM network down in Australia on 1st December 2016. This device will not work past this date.





  • Road view
  • Satellite view
  • Hybrid view
  • Street view
  • Geofences
  • Live traffic view
  • Unique POI (point of interest)
  • Show nearest device

Web based gps tracking system in australia

Unrivalled reporting. Myionu™  provides a comprehensive array of management reports to enrich any business.  All reports can be fully exported to word, excel or PDF. Take a detailed look at our reporting options.

gps tracking reporting

Benefits Investing in a Myionu™ GPS Tracking system will possibly be the best investment your business will ever make. When investing in any technology designed to help your business work smarter – not only does it have to pay for itself, it needs to become a source of additional income to make a positive outcome to the bottom line.  

thank you for choosing myionu for GPS tracking

Monthly Service Fees Our monthly service fee is a fixed cost per device and includes the following:

  • Unlimited users
  • All licensed Google mapping
  • Unlimited email alerts
  • Unlimited data
  • Firmware and software updates
  • Option branded portal
  • Full reporting suite
  • Lifetime product care*
  • Event updates
  • Timed updates





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