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Myionu Driver ID


Myionu [] Meaning: To locate, track or find with the aid of GPS

Myionu Driver ID Kits can automatically register who is driving a vehicle at any one time. Drivers log on using our robust Dallas key system, however if your business uses any other form of staff ID we are able to create a bespoke interface. This is idea for larger companies who issue all staff with swipe or RF based cards.

Alerts can be raised based on driver authentication. If a vehicle starts and the driver has not logged on, or is unauthorised to driver a particular vehicle an alert is raise in real-time.


    • Real-time driver records
    • Unauthorised use
    • Driver specific reports
    • Driver speeding
    • Driver behaviour monitoring
    • Driver hours

Driver ID format options.

dallas driver id

keypad driver id

prox card driver id

prox driver id kit with finger print confirmation

Vehicle Driver ID System


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