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Myionu™ Hybrid View


Myionu [] Meaning: To locate, track or find with the aid of GPS

Myionu™ Hybrid View

Myionu™  Hybrid View uses the latest Google mapping.  The detailed mapping shows data down to street level, ( including street name and street number, or block number).  Further information also includes transport locations (for example bus and train stations).  The satellite view is interlaced to create this stunning map.

Myionu™ unique  POI

With Myionu™  it is possible to add unique points of interest (POI).  The POI’s are only viewed by those authorised to log-in to your account; because they are not in the public domain Myionu™ has the ability to create bespoke POI groups. Groups can include offices, accident black-spots, customers; in fact absolutely anything you want. With Myionu™ unique  POI’s alerts can be raised whenever a device is within a preset distance.  For example raise alert when vehicle ‘A’ is within  750 meters of ‘Customer B’.

Whilst Google Satellite mapping can be reasonably up to date, we understand that there will be times where only the very latest image will suffice.  A good example of this would be a mine site where the environment is changing on a daily basis. With Myionu™ custom images can be added with ease.  Using our portal, customers can create a dymanic link to their very own KML data base to deliver the required images.