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If you’re looking to invest in an IVMS or GPS tracking system we’re here to help.

Myionu have been supplying and installing Australian approved IVMS and GPS tracking products and service throughout Australia since 2006. Our comprehensive range of tracking solutions include IVMS and vehicle tracking, asset tracking and personal tracking GPS enabled tracking and management systems. Our systems help leading Australian businesses, government departments and many small businesses to protect and monitor vehicles, assets, field based personnel and lone workers. Our tracking products are in use around Australia from remote mine sites, off shore installations through to every day vehicles and assets providing peace of mind all day, every day.

Our GPS tracking and fleet management systems fall into one of four main categories.

Vehicle Tracking:

These are devices used to track cars, trucks, boats; in fact anything that has it’s own power source. Our vehicle tracking systems are generally compatible with 12v and 24v vehicles. All include driver behavior monitoring such as speed, harsh breaking and excessive acceleration.  Many have the optional ability to measure temperature, record driver ID, generate alerts for roll-over and more [more]

Asset Tracking:

These are devices used to track trailers, containers, plant equipment; in fact anything that has limited or no external power. Our devices have long life batteries which can last up to 5 years in the field [more]

Lone Worker Protection:

Our lone worker range of devices have additional features including fall detection, missed check-in, man down, and non-movement. Not only does our lone worker system work outside using GPS, it also has the option to work indoors and even underground where traditional GPS signals are lost. [more]

Personal Tracking:

As the name suggests, these are devices that are used to track and monitor people. Our system can raise alerts if an individual enters or leaves a preset area such as home, school or the workplace. Speed is also recorded with the option to raise alerts where needed. [more]