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GPS Tracking Systems Australia

Sunday, April 19th, 2015

Myionu [] Meaning: To locate, track or find with the aid of GPS.

If you’re looking to invest in a GPS tracking system we’re here to help.

Myionu has been supplying and installing Australian approved GPS tracking products and service throughout Australia since 2006. Our comprehensive range of tracking solutions include vehicle tracking, asset tracking and personal tracking GPS enabled tracking and management systems. Our systems help leading Australian businesses, government departments and many small businesses to protect and monitor vehicles, assets, field based personnel and lone workers. Our tracking products are in use around Australia from remote mine sites, off shore installations through to every day vehicles and assets providing peace of mind all day, every day.

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vehicle tracking solutions in australia
Vehicle Tracking Solutions From $499

Myionu™ vehicle tracking solutions comprise of seven models, starting from just $499 including GST. Options include OBD2 plug and play gps tracking systems, Standard GSM or Next G vehicle tracking systems and two hybrid gps tracking options (including Wi-Fi and Iridium). Most GPS tracking units are 12v and 24v compatible with a choice of 3 minute, 1 minute or turn by turn updates. Our vehicle tracking solutions are supported by a lifetime product warranty which means that for as long as you are a customer, you‘ll have total peace of mind. Take some time to review our range of GPS vehicle tracking products and service.

GPS Asset tracking systems Australia
Asset Tracking Solutions from $199

Myionu™ GPS asset tracking systems provide a range of four battery and line-powered asset tracking devices, designed to withstand some of the harshest environments Australia offers. Housed in a compact, rugged enclosure, Myionu™ for assets supports tracking and two independent alarm inputs. Used with the Myionu™ web portal, Myionu™ asset tracking systems provide a low cost solution for tracking your remote assets, as well as monitoring external alarms. Myionu™ GPS asset tracking systems are delivered complete and ready-to-go. Since the Myionu™asset tracking systems have battery life of up to 7 years there is no need for an external power source (unless required). As with all Myionu tracking products our GPS Asset Tracking solutions are covered by a lifetime product warranty, which means that you’ll have complete peace of mind for as long as you are a valued customer.

Personal tracking solutions
Personal Tracking Solutions From $49

With advances in GPS tracking, the demand for personal tracking is ever increasing; whether to meet OH&S needs or simply to deliver an effective solution which can provide increased freedom and safety for our children or those that suffer from Alzheimer’s, Dementia or learning difficulties. We have four options, from mobile phone tracking through to the very latest two way messaging and tracking systems, which can be used anywhere in the world using the Iridium network.

Lone Worker Protection From $199

In business, the number of lone workers is on the increase. As a lone worker your staff will be without close or direct supervision and away from their business base. This means they are potentially more at risk of facing a dangerous situation in the workplace. This is a real risk for any business particularly in the energy and utilities industries, these ‘lone workers’ can face hazards on a daily basis. Field maintenance workers, truck and tanker drivers, pipeline workers and those involved in drilling or refining are just a few examples of workers who often operate alone, in remote or high risk environments

Satellite Phones from $499

Myionu provide a wide range of satellite phones to suit almost all budgets, with pricing starting from just $499 including GST and delivery. Call any of our satphones and you’ll only pay standard mobile rates and NOT international call rates like many of our competitors. With deals like this it’s easy to see why more and more people choose Myionu as their preferred supplier.

dash camera system in Australia

True HD Crash Cam $199

Check out the latest in the Myionu series of dash camera systems. The Smartcam HD 60 delivers a massive 60 frames per second with the option to have true 1920 x 1080 resolution. The Smartcam comes with full GPS trip recording to provide speed, location and heading for your trip.